FOCCL Shows Volunteer Appreciation!

Friends of the Coronado Center Library (FOCCL) provided a luncheon on Saturday, December 9, 2023 for people who volunteer at and/or support our community library. Delicious food was delivered from Clampit’s. Treats were available at the tables. Door prizes were awarded. And, of course, a Christmas themed trivia game was played!

Longtime librarian Glenda Ford received special accolades, as she is now available only on an as-needed basis. FOCCL introduced our newest librarian, Patty Hector. POA employees Debbie Buckingham and Beth Gribbons were also introduced and applauded for their invaluable help to FOCCL in navigating various POA policies and procedures during the year.

Board President Sunny Lofton thanked Vice President, Lynne Eshenour, for all her work and tireless efforts in supporting all aspects of leadership. Current Board Secretary, Katherine Alexander, attended the festivities, and was introduced to the 30-some people in attendance. Board Member Dottie Williams was thanked for putting the feast together. Dottie came on the FOCCL Board after she retired as librarian at Coronado Center Library. Newest Board member, Rebecca Schulte, was also introduced, as was Book Club leader Nancy Smith. Also introduced were outgoing Board Member, Joi Burton, as well as new Webmaster, Betsy Martens.

And then, of course, the answers to the trivia questions were announced. (Who knew that eggnog was invented in the United States?!!) For those who love trivia games (and supporting the Coronado Center Library), our next Tailgate Trivia Night will be held on March 12, 2024. Registration will be open starting on January 12, 2024. Forms will be available in the library. So start putting your team together for another fabulous fundraiser. See you at the library!

FOCCL Volunteer Appreciation Party December 9, 2023
30+ people attended the FOCCL Volunteer Appreciation party!
Attendees enjoyed the great food from Clampit’s and the lively conversation!
Attendees also enjoyed playing the Christmas Trivia game!!
And several attendees really got into the spirit of the season!!