Lifetime Members

Pat and John Achor
Mr. and Mrs. Lew Ake
Will and Karis Alderson
Jean Almore
Betty Lu Allen
Maj.Gen.(Ret) and Mrs. Thomas B. Arwood
Mary Jane Attwood
Jane and Gene Balch
Doug and Penny Beed
Nancy Blevins
Ann and Dick Booth
Jane and John Browning
Tony and Jeannine Cimaglia
Betty and Merrill Clark
Mel and Pauline Coker
Gloria Connolly
Molly and Glenn Crawshaw
Bob and Leanne Cunningham
Dorothea Davidson
Rose Davis
Jeanette and William Dickey
Carolyn and Larry Draeger
Phil and Mary Eliades
Jimmie and Lillian Estes
Kay and Nelson Ford
Jane and Bill Foster
Gil and Jeanette Frahm
Howard and Carol Freeland
Neil and Dawn Frevert
Jane Garrison
Mike and Darlene Garstecki
Kathleen Haley
Ed and Marie Hanley
Sam and Kathleen Harris
Cliff and Pam Harrison
Ann Hill
Erwin and Beverly Hoeft
Ann Hooper
Ann Huffman
John and Pat Iskra
Carol Johnson
Gordon and Earlene Johnson
Floyd and Judy Jordan
Jerry and Julie Kalick
Gerelyn and James Kelly
Michael and Marlene Kloack
Shirley and Henry Koonce
Betty and Hubert Korbus
Juanita and Don Langston
Mary Lemberger
Vera and Thomas Liles
Ann Ludder
Shirley Methey
Michael and Judy Mattison
Charles May
Carole and Ed McCarthy
Mike and Jean Mooney
June Moore
Bill and Nyla Morgan
Jan and Joe Muniz
Michael and Vicki Murphy
Bob and Rhoda Myers
Bea Nation
Dickmand Martha Novotny
Alden and Mary Ose
Jim Owens
Ron and Andrea Painter
Elois Pelton
Tom and Dottie Powers
Elizabeth Reger
Fred and Linda Rohrer
Lee Schewe
Mary Schomburg
Dennis Schreck
Ralph and Elaine Schroeder
Charlie and Mary Anne Settle
Nancy Smith
T.J and Diana Smith
Cheryl and Lee Soloman
Robert and Martha Sweeney
Fred Swintz
Brenda Thomas
Bob Thomas
Robert Tyler
David and Margaret Vink
Lillie Wallick
Dr. And Mrs. Jim Watson
Greg and Margaret Weeter
David and Marie Welch
Rolland and Mary White
Betty and Roger Wigton
Patsy and Ken Winter
David and Kathleen Witchger

Individual Members

George Aldrich
Katherine Alexander
Jeanette Babka
Leslie Eileen Case
Ellen Chamberlain
Jackie Fayman
Margorie Fowler
Joyce Fritz
Martha Hurst Graham
Kathy Henderson
Dr. Nancy Hendricks
Wilma Henricks
Nancy Jones
Mary Jo Kurten
Judith Landes
Ginette Levac
Phyllis Lininger
Dr. Lee Lipscomb
Anna Pierce Meaux
Colin Morgan
Marna Morissette
Philip Myers
Bonnie Ogden
Pat Pochert
Suzie Reed
Elaine Reynolds
Myra Rustin
Cynthia Saalfield
Jerry Schultz
Nicana Sherman
Marvin Siebeks
Sissy Trabant
Anais Troadec
Diane Upchurch
Carolyn Wells
Carol S Williams
Dorothy Zabecki
Ronnie Zuege

Family Membership

Dennis and Nola Abraham
Pat and Al Bowles
Ron and Virginia Breimayer
Laverne and Dick Briscoe
Judy and Jerry Carroll
Marilyn and Willaim Janser
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Joyce and Frank Leeming
Pat and Mary McCullough
Debbie Roark
Ed and Carol Schlactenhaufen
Kristin Webb
Dottie and Allen Williams
Robin and Madelyn Young

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